Glasses Lens Options

Southside Eyecare & Optical brings you technologically advanced lenses at a fair price

Progressive Lenses

No-line bifocals offer continuous, uninterrupted vision for distance, reading and everywhere in between. Your eyes make a smooth transition between vision zones with no "jump" or distracting lines.
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Plastic Lenses

Plastic is the most commonly used lens material on the market today. Lighter and more durable than glass, plastic lenses can be molded and ground into almost any shape and will work with almost all prescriptions.
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Polycarbonate Lenses

For the safest eyewear, polycarbonate is the lens material of choice. These sturdy, impact resistant lenses are highly recommended for children's eyewear, safety glasses and for rimless frames that require drill mounts.
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Hi Index 1.67 Lenses

Using the highest index of refraction, 1.67 lenses are up to 60% thinner than normal lenses and have superior anti-reflective lens coatings.
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Hi Index 1.74 Lenses

1.74 Hi index lenses are the absolute thinnest and lightest lenses available. They’re 13% thinner than 1.67 lenses and are the most cosmetically appealing eyeglass lenses ever developed.
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Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings

Anti-reflective coatings have quickly become a "must-have" for any pair of lenses. By reducing glare, anti-reflective coatings make the lenses "invisible" in pictures and reduce eye strain for computer users and night drivers.
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Transitions® Lenses and Drivewear® Lenses

Photochromic lenses respond to UV rays by automatically changing from nearly crystal-clear to sunglass-dark. These lenses come in several colors and are an excellent choice for full-time eyeglass wearers who spend a lot of time in varying light conditions.